Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Destiny Australia?

The full name of our company is Destiny Australia Pty Ltd. We are registered with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). In simple words it means we are an Australian Company with our Head office in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We are into the business of providing education abroad services for more than 1.5 decades. We are most consumer friendly company by nature.

How many countries does Destiny Australia cater to?

We can help you with your education and student visa requirements for more than 15 countries including Australia, New Zealand, U.K, Singapore, Switzerland, U.S.A and Canada. We help our clients with an extensive range of country and university options depending on their requirement and eligibility.

Will Destiny Australia help my family also to go with me?

Yes!! We can help you take along your family when you apply for a student visa or apply for them after you have settled in the new country. We give complete family solutions to you. There are several programs for family and dependents run by various immigration departments under which families can apply. Many countries allow family members to be added as student dependent, while some only allow visitor visa for family members. Please get in touch with us for further information.

Will Destiny Australia help me in making my application faster?

As soon as you contact us, your case will become our priority. We help to simplify the complicated and confusing processes for you. Our expert advisers team have the appropriate knowledge to help you make your correct University or country decision fast. With our professional advice and assistance, you will not only save your time and effort, but you will also be saved from making fatal and non-repairable mistakes in your application.

How does Destiny Australia help students?

We recruit students for more than 100 Colleges and Universities and help students get their desired offer from colleges and universities around the world. We provide detailed counselling for students to understand the requirements before they file for their student visa, We also provide them with lifestyle and culture counselling to help them make a better informed decision and also settle well in an overseas country. We help students starting from their first step in getting them their desired offer letter from universities and colleges, and later on their complete post landing services, their student visa extensions or even change their college if they require.

Where can I get help?

Destiny Australia experts are available through email or phone option for any support that you may require or any questions which you may have. We advise you to fill our Online Assessment form and email us your resume / CV and other documents as mentioned in our Online Assessment form so that we are able to give you best possible solutions. Doing this will enable our advisers team to analyze your case and get back to you in the shortest possible time. And you also have an option to call or walk into any of our offices for a consultation. Please refer to our "Contact Us" page for details.

How can I start student visa process with Destiny Australia?

You can start your application on a click, you just need to fill our Online Assessment form tab, and email us your resume / CV and other documents as mentioned in our Online Assessment form. Our pro-active expert team of advisers will quickly contact you to start your application in no time.

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